Transport yourself to a dimension free of judgment and stress.

Come with your best intentions and rise with the smells, sounds, colors, and temperatures of the environment. You will feel released and relieved of your earthly burdens. In an inspiring space that carries you to transform energies and empower your potentials. 

The human body is blessed with a myriad of sensitivity in many areas that are commonly overlooked, but with time and nurture is fun to rediscover them. Hot bath infusion, 

relaxing light, aromatic air, fresh scrubs & mask for all body, are some of the basic rituals of self-care. The first step of seeking the opening of the lower root chakra for a transformative therapy that revives the vital virtue that is in us.

Spa Space 

Healing bodywork and light technique meditations that create bonds. With a strong feminine presence guiding the massage to the awareness of the now. The element that allows the exploration of desires and needs. Vulnerabilities in the arms of a Goddes become the scent that envelops deep eyes lock into your longings. With calm and contemplation, the body reveals the path to the liberation and regeneration of energies.

Meditation Massage