queries & answers.

Q: What is sensual massage?

A: Sensual massage is a form of healing, full-body touch.  It combines elements of eroticism and relaxation in order to create a holistic release.  

Q: Where do you hold your sessions?

A: I have a private space on a safe residential street.  

I will give you instructions on how to arrive discreetly. 


Q: Do you have a preferred type of client?

A: I celebrate clients of all ages, genders, sexual identities, ethnicities, races and abilities.  As long as you are respectful of yourself and of me I am sure we will get along.  

Q: Are you available for same-day bookings?


A: If you are a new client, no.  

The process of verification can take a while and

I do not like to rush. If you are an established client

I can fit you into my schedule as time allows.  

Q: What do you wear in your sessions?

A: I have a penchant for decadence and glamour.

 The reason of why I have a large collection of lingerie.  

I am open to outfit requests, as well as offerings.  

Q: Do you offer doubles sessions?

A: Yes! I am working on a multi-section on my website,

but in the meantime, I am surrounded by fun powerful beings that will enrich the experience.  

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes, for all first-time clients I require a deposit.

 Once we have established a relationship of mutual trust,

I will not require a deposit.

Q: Do you require references?

A: Yes, for all first-time clients.

I require a provider reference: (Name, email or phone number). You may also provide workplace verification.

 If you are not able to provide any of the above, you can schedule an in-person consultation with me over coffee.  

Q: Can I touch you?

A: Upon invitation and negotiation.  

Do not assume and always ask for consent.  

Q: I want to explore my root chakra or kink 

but I'm scared/ashamed.

A: Don't be! I am approachable and nonjudgmental.  

I love guiding people through their first experiences.